3 min readJul 10, 2022

Since a lot of people keep asking me for help with converting their Trust Wallet mnemonic to a private key they can import into MetaMask, I decided to write this article. Sharing a link will cost me less time 😉.

This guide consists of only three parts:

  1. Exporting your mnemonic from Trust Wallet
  2. Converting mnemonic to private key
  3. Importing private key into MetaMask

Exporting your mnemonic from Trust Wallet

  • Open the Trust Wallet mobile app
  • On the bottom right, click on ‘Settings’
  • At the top, click on ‘Wallets’
  • Click on the (i) after ‘Main Wallet’
  • Click on Show Secret Phrase
  • Click all three checkboxes to confirm you understand the sensitivity of this secret phrase.
  • On the next screen, you will see your secret phrase (mnemonic).
    Click ‘Copy’.

🎉 Congratulations on finishing step 1!! 🎉
You now have your mnemonic that we will use in the next step.

Converting mnemonic to private key

  • Enter your mnemonic from step 1 in field BIP39 Mnemonic
  • Choose ETH for ‘Coin’
  • Go to the BIP44 tab
  • Scroll down to the table
  • Your public address should now match the first row of column ‘Address’!
  • Copy your private key from the column ‘Private Key’ and import it to other wallets like MetaMask (next step).

Importing private key into MetaMask

  • Open MetaMask mobile app
  • On top, click on your avatar to open the bottom menu
  • Click on ‘Import an Account’
  • Paste the private key of the previous step
  • Click on ‘Import’

🎉 DONE!! 🎉

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